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Dear James

A year on since you operated on Layla  (our young boxer-Staffie cross) for a luxating patella, I thought you might appreciate an update - especially since it is unalloyed good news.

She's currently not 'skipping' or 'carrying' the affected leg at all, is bearing weight equally on both sides, has a well-balanced gait and is sitting square nearly all the time, all without any medication (apart from green-lipped mussel extract as a nutraceutical).

She's also fully active, walking at least 90 mins each day with me on the South Downs plus occasional much longer walks. The attached pic was taken at Easter in the Lake District part-way through an 8-hour walk which included the entire ridge in the background. In the last few weeks I've also started occasionally taking her cross-country running, and we've built up to 5km without any signs of discomfort or any after-effects.

Such activity has only been possible since December when she started to receive acupuncture from Susanna Alwen of The Hands-On Vet (cc). Up until then she had been receiving regular and excellent physiotherapy and hydrotherapy from Lisa Robinson (Physiotherapets) and Jane Bannatyne (121animaltherapy) respectively (both cc). Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, Layla was not progressing well and both said they could little more for her. I was therefore on the verge of exploring options for further surgery with you when Jane persuaded me to contact Susanna.

The acupuncture Susanna carried out in December had a rapid and hugely beneficial effect, which has persisted with the benefit of occasional, further, sessions (recently relaxed to once every 12 weeks). However I fully appreciate the acupuncture is only managing Layla's pain, not curing the underlying arthritis, and that Layla's knee is unlikely to last as long as the rest of her. I therefore recognise that she is likely to need further surgery at some point - but, hopefully, not for a number of years. So I'll no doubt be in contact again.

In the meantime, many thanks once again to yourself and your colleagues for your care and support to Layla a year ago.

Best wishes


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