121 Animal Therapy

The Ridings,
Level Mare Lane
West Sussex,
PO20 3SA
Tel: 01243 543121

Aquatic Systems

Kirrie Swimming

The Tale Of Max

Max has proved the effectiveness of 121 therapy. Watch the video above to see the remarkable difference in his movement before and after therapy!

Surfing 121

The star of "Surfing 121" is Toby. He is over 17 years old and due to his age he was walking down on his hocks like John Wayne. Now, after laser treament and participating in the "121 Small Dog Surfing Programme", his condition is steadily improving. Surfing activates his "forgotten" muscles as he adjusts the distribution of his weight with each slight movement of the board.

Tony's progress proves that surfing is great for restoring key synaptic pathways when the dog has proprieoception problems or ataxia. The 121 team plans to set up a similar facility for larger dogs.

These Boots Are Made For Walking

Maizy, a three year old Miniature Schnauzer, stars in our latest video: "These Paws are Made for Walking!". And look how confidently she uses the walker. She came to us with paralysed hind legs from a fibrocartilagenous embolism. As you can see, the walker has made a great contribution to her recovery.

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