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Jane’s Boredom Busters (BB) - episode 6

 Hi All,

As usual I can't get over how quickly the time is flying past.How can it be the 1st of June already?

The government is making a lot of changes as far as what we are or are not able to do.Hopefully they manage to get the balance right without the cases and deaths increasing.

I never seem to stop, but don't seem to get anywhere, although have had some nice walks! 

I had a request from a client yesterday – her email is below with the appropriate link.If you are happy to sign the petition and to send it to as many people you know who would also be happy to sign, that would be brilliant.

"I am writing to you today to ask a HUGE favour.

I have managed to get my petition published by the Government to 'Prioritise testing for relatives of Care Home residents'.

As everyone is only too aware, Care Homes have suffered and continue to suffer enormously due to this pandemic.

In these unprecedented times we are all driven to concentrate on what affects us personally.

I, along with thousands of others, have my mother in a Care Home, whom I am not allowed to visit. Once the Home is clear of Covid, I am requesting that as a relative, we can be tested as a priority so we can spend precious time together again before she dies.

On Friday night, my mother was rushed by ambulance to hospital with a head injury. She was alone, frightened and more confused than ever.

The hospital had to sedate her to give her a CT Scan. Fortunately she is now back at her Care Home but had to have the wound glued and continues to be very drugged and confused and is so desperate to see us.

My plea today is to ask you if you would also be kind enough to forward my petition link to those in your address book and help me get enough signatures for the Government to urgently act upon my reasonable request.

Thank you in advance for your support."


It seems to me to be a good petition to sign, and I have done so, but it needs thousands of people to follow suit, so I hope you are able to help promote it.

Anyway now back to my part of the blog!

Tick season has started already, so if you haven't done anything about it, be prepared if you walk your dog anywhere that is prone to them.It helps if you know the risks in your local area. These risks are increased if you or your pet, walk through areas with a lot of high grass, and or areas where a lot of wildlife or livestock roam.

If you aren't familiar with them, when the first end up on your dog, they will "walk" to a suitable place where they will attach to the dogs body and then start to draw out blood.They look a little like a small black / dark brown spider before they attach, having an oval body & 8 legs.Once they attach, the body gets larger and larger the more blood it sucks, until finally it will drop off.After dog walking, I always check them as soon as we get back to the car and remove and destroy any that I find.It is much easier to spot them on light coloured dogs.They carry Lyme disease, which is a very nasty bacterial disease that can also affect humans, and they can transfer it to the host they land on.There are quite a variety of products aimed at preventing the ticks from attaching to the dog in the first place, or to kill them once they start to ingest the dog's blood.These can be spot on topical treatments, tick collars, tablets which the dogs swallow or sprays.Please make sure that you use a suitable product for your pet.Something that is designed to be used on a dog could in the worst case scenario kill a cat if used on it, so as always, if in any doubt check with your vet first.

If you do find a tick attached to your dog, it is best to remove it immediately, because of the risk of disease.Again there are several different tick removal products on the market to help you to do this.It is important to avoid leaving the head in the dog's body or squeezing the tick when you do this, so you need to twist it off, (a bit like unscrewing a screw from a piece of wood).If you are not happy to do this speak to your veterinary practice about teaching you how to do it, or getting them to do it for you.Leaving the head in the dogs body or squeezing the blood back in when removing it increases the risk of disease.If caught early Lyme disease is treatable using antibiotics, so contact your vet if you think your dog has caught it (or your doctor if you think you have).

In dogs and cats you might see any of the following: Fever, lameness, lethargy, loss of appetite, swollen painful joints, swollen lymph nodes, depression

There were also reports of brown ticks (from Europe) being found here last year which were harder to eradicate as they can survive indoors for their entire lives and can carry additional diseases.

The big tick survey done by MSD animal health shows this as being a high risk area.You can check out their website for your area.


Also having had the hottest May on record by far, please be mindful of how this affects your dogs.Avoid leaving them in hot cars now that we are able to take them further afield, watch out for sunburn and heat stroke.Just because we are able to do more, be mindful that it is not suitable for all of our pets to do more, so try not to let your 10 year old arthritic dog go for a 2 hour walk with each family member!If you do we'll have a long queue of dogs needing treatment because their mobility has deteriorated as a result.

As far as 121 Animal Therapy is concerned, we now have our new protocol for getting back to work, which you can see on our website.We are starting slowly, and clients need to remain in their cars while we treat their dogs, using social distancing and with owners providing their own PPE.We are not currently treating any dogs for fun or general fitness, and those we are treating are subject to the therapists and veterinary surgeons being happy that the clinical need outweighs the risk to humans.Please contact us if your dog falls into that category and we will see how we are able to help.

As things ramp up, and my time reduces, blogs may end up being fortnightly events!

Jane’s Boredom Busters (BB) - episode 5

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